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I am not a natural-born rider, I have had to work hard to become effective with horses.  However, this has allowed me to really develop my imagination and get inventive.  I use my understanding of horse psychology to find a solution that will make sense to the horse, not just to me. 

Luckily I have fantastic teachers in KirstyStormy’ Logan & Bruce Logan.  I spend a number of months each year training at the Logan Foundation Station in Loving, Texas.  Together they have helped me to improve my skill as a rider and horsewoman, and given me an insight into the psychology of the horse.  They have taught me how to be a student of the horse, so I can learn from all the horses I have the privilege of spending time with. Stormy & Bruce continue to support me in my teaching and offer me generous access to their accumulated experience and insight when helping young and challenging horses. 

They also offer me the opportunity to increase my experience riding young, performance and challenging horses.  I ride and assist on their clinics & colt starts in both the USA and the UK.

All horses need a solid foundation of skills to successfully take on their working life, whether that be English or Western, in a competition field or as a happy hack.  Most problems we riders encounter are because our horse is missing a fundamental foundation block in their education.  Finding and fixing up these ‘missing’ parts can allow our horses to reach their full potential. 

The only natural life for a horse is to run free in a herd on an arid plain.  Any life we offer them is always going to be a compromise.  But that does not mean that we must condemn them to an unfulfilling life, dull at best, perhaps worse.  By approaching their development from a point of view that makes sense to them, we can help our horses to understand & accept the world that we ask them to live in.  So they can lead full and engaged lives. 

Times are changing.  The old days of animals being our tools, to be used without regard for their physical and mental welfare are past.  We demand a new standard of care and quality of life for all the animals in our lives.  I am happy to help you find this with your horse.

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